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Dear Fellow Citizen Readers & Writers,

We enter hollow ground covering unseen sinkholes when we ban works of art. When we ban books like PUSH, The Color Purple, Beloved, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X we stand not just to close our collective minds, but to lose them. 

We’ve entered into an age where the inability to feel and empathize has led to a collective psychosis characterized by mass murders in the classroom and in our places of worship.

PUSH is a book about the awakening and healing of a violent and violated child. Through acts of of love, demonstrated by her teacher and classmates, she becomes an academic success story and a proud, loving mother. PUSH is a story about the power of language, the letters of the alphabet, that many of our children leave school never having learned. 

PUSH  is about the power of language to transform and open the mind and the heart.

PUSH heals.
PUSH teaches.
But most of all PUSH loves.

When we ban books like PUSH, we are in danger of falling into the sinkholes of hate and prejudice and ignorance and of losing what little love we have left for each other. 

Yours in healing, hope, and love,


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“Sharing stories important to us means sharing a part of ourselves. Books reach across boundaries and build connections between readers. Censorship, on the other hand, creates barriers. Banned Books Week is both a reminder of the unifying power of stories and the divisiveness of censorship, and a call to action for readers across the country to push back against censorship attempts in their communities."

American Library Association 


“Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance.”

―Laurie Halse Anderson

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"Books are under profound attack in the United States. They are disappearing from library shelves, being challenged in droves, being decreed off limits by school boards, legislators, and prison authorities. And everywhere, it is the books that have long fought for a place on the shelf that are being targeted. Books by authors of color, by LGBTQ+ authors, by women. Books about racism, sexuality, gender, history. PEN America pushes back against the banning of books and the intolerance, exclusion, and censorship that undergird it.

PEN America tracks all book bans in libraries and classrooms across the U.S. in our Index of School Book Bans, updated for the 2022-2023 school year.

Read the Banned in the USA Report."

PEN America

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13 On Your Side 
Book ban blocked: Northview Public Schools to keep 8 books after review

CBS Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh-area school board pauses decision to amend a book review policy
By Jennifer Borrasso

10 Top Books Banned in America

Lehigh Vallery Live
Nazareth Area School Board to decide whether to remove ‘Push’ from high school library
By Rudy Miller

Fluvanna Review
Parents decry “offensive’ books at School Board meeting
By Heather Michon

CBS Detroit
Annual Banned Books Week comes as schools, libraries face rising censorship challenges
By Sara Powers


4 News

Berkeley Co. School District committee sends recommendations for 10 books challenged
by Conley Grayson



A Book Ban Is a Book Ban: Getting on the Same Page about Extremist Attacks on LGBTQ and Race-inclusive Books

By Jae Moore


Oshkosh Northwestern

Oshkosh Public Library plans ‘Freedom to Read’ events amid growing efforts to censor library materials

By Brandon Reid


‘Ban On Book Bans’: Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Blocking School Book Bans In California
By Siladitya Ra


Tallahassee Democrat
These 5 books banned from Florida school shelves might surprise you
By Ana Goñi-Lessan & Steven Walker


Sarastoa Magazine

Bookseller Tiffany Razzano Relishes Dealing in Banned Titles
By Jim DeLa/Community News Collaborative 


The Brunswick News 

Florida schools got hundreds of book complaints — mostly from 2 people
By Ian Hodgson


Tampa Bay Times 

These books got the most complaints in Florida schools
By Ian Hodgson

KOAA5   |  KOAA5  YouTube 

Two books are back in District 20’s school libraries, after being removed in April
By Eleanor Sheahan


York Dispatch

Who is the Independence Law Center, the group pushing school book bans and anti-LGBTQ+ policies?
By Meredith Willse



Florida school district removes five books after parents object to ‘sex, violence, pedophilia’ on their pages
By Selim Algar


‘Push’ among five books banned from Leon County high schools
By Chasity Maynard 

LGBTQ Nation
Progressive org demands school district ban the Bible after it banned other “obscene” books
By John Russell


Sippican Week

Two challenged books to remain in Old Rochester libraries
By Sawyer Smook-Pollitt

York Dispatch

Banned books to return to Central York with passage of new library policy



Central York School District prepares for final vote on new book policy
By Tyler Hatfield

Early Bird Books

The 10 Most Banned and Challenged Books in 2023
By Orrin Grey


Central York school board sends book review policy to a vote
By Logan Perrone

York Dispatch

Why can't we have our own mind?': Central York speaks out on book ban
By Meredith Willse


York County school district removes two popular books from library shelves
by Marshall Keely (WPMT)

Penguin Random House, others sues Florida school district over book bans 

By Andrew Atterbury 


Utah School District’s Reversal on Decision to Remove 52 Books From School Libraries Is an Important Step in Recognizing Students’ Speech Rights


Penguin Random House sues school district over book bans

By Jo Yurcaba

PEN America

The 11 most banned books of the start of the 2022-2023 school year


Afternoon Drive with Allison Devereaux

CBC Afternoon Drive host Josiah Sinanan conversation on how the book, PUSH continues to stir discussions today

Latin Times
Anti-LGBTQ Book Bans Intensify in Michigan as Muslim-Americans Join Pro-Censorship Crusade

By Elle Yap

ABC 12 Saginaw

It's banned books week! What's been pulled in Genesee County? By Kent Davis

The Detroit News
Dearborn book bans draw supporters and foes

By Myesha Johnson and Hannah Mackay

Detroit Free Press 
Dearborn Public Schools removes 7 books from libraries after parents complain

By Emma Stein

The Salt Lake Tribune
Utah school district pulls 52 books after concerns and flagged another 32 for later review

By Courtney Tanner

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